Interpretation and evaluation: Rolf-Peter Horstmann’s Kant’s Power of Imagination

Author:Tak-Lap Yeung

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Rolf-Peter Horstmann’s recent work, Kant’s Power of Imagination, is a response to the neglect of “the power of imagination” in the Kantian circle. In this 102-page book, Horstmann analyzes passages relevant to imagination in Critique of Pure Reason and Critique of Judgment in detail, with the aim of making Kant’s theory of imagination coherent. He argues for the unique contribution  of  imagination  in  the  context  of  the  constitution  of  cognitive objects.  Horstmann  proposes  a  “two-stage  model  of  constructing  cognitive objects” in his examination of the irreplaceable function and special position of  imagination  in  the  cognitive  process,  and  from  this,  he  argues  that imagination  is  an  independent,  self-standing  cognitive  faculty.  Since imagination  is  an  independent  cognitive  ability,  at  least  in  the  context  of theoretical  philosophy  and  epistemology,  Kant  scholars  have  no  reason  to ignore it.

Keywords: Kant、power of imagination、Rolf-Peter Horstmann