On Zeng Tian-Zong’s “Aporia of the Knowledge of Ideal of Truth”

Author:Wen-Hong Huang

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This article examines three aporias (difficult problems) encountered by Zeng Tian-Zong (1910-2007) in his notion “Knowledge of Ideal of Truth” or“Philosophical  Knowledge”,  and  proposes  a  possible  answer  to  these problems  based  on  the  clues  and  guarantees  he  provides.  On  the  reading proposed here, while these problems turn out to not be genuine difficulties, examination of these aporias in his knowledge of the ideal of truth, better elucidates  the  nature  of  his  “Knowledge  of  Ideal  of  Truth”  as  well  as  the content and direction of his philosophical system of Aletheiology.

Keywords: Alethiolgical Difference、alethiology、Knowledge of Ideal of truth、Taiwan Philosophy、Zeng Tian-Zong